“Remember…the Mac is back!” – Fleetwood Mac Review

Three years have passed since Fleetwood Mac had last toured together, and their performance at the Consol Energy Center put the spark back on stage. We travelled on a nostalgic journey with the band playing their greatest hits, a new track from their upcoming EP and a long, lost demo of Buckingham and Nicks. You could feel the chemistry between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks the whole night.

“Second Hand News” was first on the set list to be played. Buckingham showed his guitar skills and as soon as the last chord sounded, Mick Fleetwood began the chimes and broke into “The Chain.” The dark bass solo of John McVie mesmerized the audience.

Throughout the music, Buckingham would speak into the mic and discuss the new journey for Fleetwood Mac. He said there were definitely some chapters left to write for Fleetwood Mac.


A new song from the band, “Sad Angel” was performed; It was upbeat and had Buckingham’s fingerpicking all over it.

Throughout the night we got to see what a talented guitarist Buckingham is, especially during his solo of “Big Love,” where he smacked his strings.

Nicks stole the spotlight with her vocals during “Rhiannon” and “Sara.” “Landslide” was performed acoustically and took center stage with just Buckingham and Nicks drawing in the attention.

The chaotic and fierce chant that is “Tusk” now took over the stage. There were increasingly powerful screams throughout the song and the sounds of the marching band appeared. Fleetwood’s drum solo further established the savage manner of the song.

In addition to playing old favorites, Nicks and Buckingham performed a song they had recorded as a demo in the early days and lost somewhere along the way of their rise to fame. “It was before we were even doing drugs. We were sober, and we still lost it!” Nicks said. They rediscovered their song, “Without You” on YouTube. Fleetwood moved in between Nicks and Buckingham, making the song even more intimate, as though the trio were reliving a moment from the start of their career together.

“Go Your Own Way” got the crowd on their feet. An over-the-top drum solo from Fleetwood began during “World Turning” where he kept screaming “Are you still with me?” during his drumming.

The band left the stage, only to return with an electrifying performance of “Don’t Stop.” They band left the stage again and returned for a SECOND encore for an emotional performance of “Silver Spring.”

As the band said their final goodbyes to the audience, Nicks showed her appreciation for their fans, referring to them as “dream catchers.” She thanked the crowd for their support over the years.

Fleetwood, with his red top hat and red shoes cheerfully showed his appreciation to the fans. And with a tip of his hat, he shouted, “Remember…the Mac is back!!”

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