A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange (1971) – I went into watching this film without the slightest idea of what it was actually about. I had always seen the false eyelashes, bowler hat wearing Malcolm McDowell, but I never knew anything about it. In this film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, we see a riveting performance given by McDowell as Alex DeLarge. The film, along with the book, bring together satire and violence. The culture of the youth rebellion is exposed. The story explores the violent behavior of humans, and the human free will to choose between good and evil. The charismatic character of Alex DeLarge gives us the outlook of a delinquent in future Britain. We see women with vibrant colored wigs on, people with outrageous makeup on and futuristic settings. I enjoyed seeing the variety of props and scenery portraying the “future” of Great Britain.
A Clockwork Orange
The darkness of the film takes us into a sort of emotional state as if we were in the film. I became attached to Alex as he was struggling during imprisonment; I had sympathy toward him. We see the torture he lived through for two years and the tenderness he has gained in his new mind. I love the scene when Alex is taken from the prison to where the research will be done. Alex is relieved and anxious due to being closer to being a free man again. McDowell plays the character of Alex in such a spectacular manner. The pain and agony Alex is put through really shows us the acting skills of Malcolm McDowell. The overall film is just terrific; you are completely mesmerized the entire time. From the acting to the directing, it was all superb. If you have not seen the movie, or read the book, I suggest you do so!

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